IFI-566, Inspection Procedure for Thread Nicks- WITHDRAWN July 1, 2014 – see ASTM F788/788M or ISO 6157-3.


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This standard establishes an inspection procedure to determine acceptability of thread nicks as they relate to screw thread assemblability. This procedure is intended to be used for bolts, screws and studs of carbon or alloy steel M5 thru M36 in diameter. This procedure applies to metric screw threads – M Profile, tolerance Class 6g or 6h plain finished threads, or 6g coated or plated threads. This procedure may also be used to evaluate Class 6g threads that have been undersized to allow for heavy plating/coating thickness and products made from nonferrous materials. When inspecting products in either category the gage size and maximum assembly torque value shall be by agreement between purchaser and supplier. The use of this procedure to evaluate products having a prevailing-torque feature or a plated/coated finish whose thickness, by design, may cause the thread size to exceed basic Class 6h limits, shall be by agreement between purchaser and supplier.