IFI-560, Test Procedure for the Performance of Nuts with Preapplied Adhesive Coated Threads (Metric Series)


Issued 2007



This standard establishes a conformance test procedure for the performance of pre-applied adhesive coatings applied to metric series nuts, in nominal sizes M5 thru M20 intended for application temperatures of – 40°C to 180°C.
Torque values for performance level I and level II given in this standard, Table 2, are conformance requirements for nuts which have adhesive coated threads and apply only to the combination of test conditions described in the performance ability test procedure (Section 6.0). RESULTS OBTAINED BY THESE TESTS ARE RELEVANT TO THE TEST CONDITIONS PRESCRIBED HEREIN AND SHOULD NOT BE UTILIZED FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS. Such values can only be determined through testing the nut in its actual application. This standard is not concerned with dimensional features such as nut thickness or flanges, or with other mechanical or performance properties such as strength properties, corrosion resistance, sealing, and/or consistency of torque-to-tension relationships during assembly. Such features and properties are covered in other standards and must be referenced when specifying a nut with adhesive coated threads to ensure that all service conditions of the particular application are properly met. Reference information is also included in the Appendix.