INDEPENDENCE, OHIO (MAR 16, 2023) – The Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) recognized the 2023 Soaring Eagle Award recipients at a special celebration held during their 2023 Annual Meeting in Napa, California on March 7, 2023.  The IFI Soaring Eagle Service Award was presented to Bob Hill, IFI’s longtime Industrial Products Division Manager, board member, and former Chairman of the Institute. The IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award was presented posthumously to Henry Hogue, who generated ten patents for fastener manufacturing and equipment design and served as the President of Tru-Fit Screw Products. 

2023 IFI Soaring Eagle Service Award – Robert Hill

The IFI Soaring Eagle Service Award recognizes individuals who have contributed outstanding time and effort in the leadership of the Industrial Fasteners Institute and/or contributed to the health and well-being of the entire industrial fastener industry. This award is in recognition of your many years of dedication and service to the Institute as an active member, industry advocate, officer, Chairman of the Institute, and later as IFI’s Industrial Products Division Manager. Your thoughtful counsel, friendship, and liaison with the IFI members and allied industry organizations exemplify what an industry leader should strive to become. Your practical and insightful input and leadership have impacted the overall health and well-being of the Institute, its members, and the fastener industry. 

Robert Hill


The 2023 Soaring Eagle Technology Award – Henry Hogue

The IFI Soaring Eagle Technology Award recognizes individuals who have extensive experience in the industrial fastener industry and who have made significant contributions to the technological advancement of the industry. Contributions may be through extensive work on fastener standards committees; the publication of widely acclaimed principles or documents; and/or through the development of fastener-related equipment, products or processes which have been widely acknowledged as advancements in fastener technology. In memory of Henry Hogue for his remarkable innovations and pioneering contribution to fastener manufacturing technology. The extraordinary fruits of his creativity and labor resulted in 10 U.S. patents. His most impactful inventions were apparatus for wire drawing and separately for nut manufacturing. Henry Hogue’s numerous innovations led to important and enduring advancements in fastener manufacturing technology and equipment design. These advancements represent a foundational pillar of the state of the art of cold forging and fastener manufacturing today.

Henry Hogue


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