INDEPENDENCE, OHIO (May 28, 2024) – The Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) has announced the launch of the 12th Edition of the IFI Book of Fastener Standards, now available for purchase.

The IFI Book of Fastener Standards serves as the industry’s resource and is a compilation of the most commonly used fastener standards for inch fasteners and non-ISO metric fasteners. In addition to the book’s 96 standards, 30 of which are updated, the 12th edition now includes IFI 171, which covers thread dimensions for the assembly of bolts, studs, and nuts in the steel construction industry. 

The 12th edition represents 83 years of continuous development in fastener standards since the first edition was published in 1941. During this time, copies have been distributed to major manufacturing and construction interests throughout the world. The IFI Book of Fastener Standards is considered a must-have resource for designers, manufacturing engineers, and managers in all industries where mechanical joining is required.

“IFI’s Book of Fastener Standards is known throughout the world as a go-to resource and is really unique because it combines the most requested fastener standards from ASTM, ASME, SAE and IFI in one convenient resource.”, said Salim Brahimi, IFI’s Director of Engineering and Technology.  “It also represents a tremendous cost savings, because purchasing those standards separately would cost more than $3,000.  It would also require someone to source and organize the standards for their engineering or quality personnel, so the book saves you time.” 

You can order the IFI book of Fastener Standards, 12th edition on the IFI website ( for just $675. 

In addition to the Book of Fastener Standards, IFI also offers the IFI Technology Connection (ITC), which is an online tool that utilizes the latest data found in the standards to generate tables and specification sheets for requested parts that can be used by sales, engineering and quality professionals.  IFI also hosts numerous education and training events throughout the year that are available to the public through the IFI website,


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